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It is not enough to be a good student to succeed in a national or even international competition  ; must be well above average.
For this, it is not only necessary to have the necessary motivation, the aggressiveness, the mastery of the concepts but also and above all the good methodology.

Legrandprof  puts all the chances on your side by preparing you for the national entrance examinations in 1st year as well as in 3rd year  in the Grandes Ecoles in the following sectors:

  • Education (Normal schools)

  • Engineering (Polytechnic Schools, IUT, ENSTP, EGEM, SUP'PTIC,...)

  • Medical Schools

    Cost / duration:

  • 5 weeks: 40,000 FCFA

  • 7 weeks: 50,000 FCFA

Formules Cours particuliers


Our trainers were winners in these competitions

For having prepared and succeeded in these national competitions and integrated these schools, our trainers are qualified enough to accompany you in the preparation for these competitions.

Legrandprof offers intensive preparation lasting 5 to 7 weeks while supporting you in compiling your application file, in coaching and orientation.

Because it is important to accompany you more closely, in addition to offering you documentation (edges) designed by our experts, Legrandprof offers you personalized educational assistance.



Legrandprof also offers  preparation for international competitions.


In short

Face-to-face lessons

(in our centers)

Our teachers go through the programs by discipline with explained courses, exercises and the correction of old subjects from these competitions.
The disciplines prepared vary from one competition to another. It generally includes disciplines such as:

  • Math

  • physical

  • Chemistry

  • Biology

  • Computer science

  • English

  • French

We promote emulation and competition between candidates in order to create great motivation in everyone and restore the desire to study deeply. 
Our teachers are also there to respond to the particular difficulties and problems encountered by each learner during their preparation.

relaxing activities 

(in Group)

We offer activities during certain weekends in order to relax the brain and above all to boost the morale of the candidates for optimal performance of their preparation.


What are you waiting for?

Prepare with us for these competitions today and pursue the studies of your dreams.
We are here to guide you and answer your concerns.

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